Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is not a lesson this more of some type of confusion, or a question.
Ok I have a problem why is it that when I have set my mind on some shit no one can understand or follow my lead. I don't ask for much just that people do what I ask every now and then. Then people send mixed signals, why???? Isn't it harder to send mixed signals then to say exactly what the hell is going on. (yes, no) Grrrrr. I am so frustrated with shit right now I would just love for once for everything to follow right in my life its like when things seem to go right other shit that I wasn't even contemplating steps and interrupts my happy fantasy. Just when I thought that I got rid of all the confusing people in my life some other confusing people step in and makes me want to hit them. I love simplicity and when I cant have that I get mad. I don't like to be bothered or knock off my axis, I am perfectly content spinning alone. I have tried to scale back on my fuck everybody else attiude that I have sometimes. (the days when you just don't answer your cell phone because you just don't want the world to bother you or fuck up the fantasy that you have created that day.) Now if you are one of my friends reading this yall know who and what the hell I am talking about. Because yes I am back on my infamous "fuck it" shit that I get on every now and then. Because I dont care I cant care becasue at the end of the day no one gives a fuck about me and the way that I am feeling or what is going through my head. I am sick of confussing people who are on some other shit. (fuck them and fuck this) I have my focus and I am done I have to make shit happen for myself I don't have time to play with other people. I am on my time and the shit is valuable to me.



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