Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lesson5: A Converstaion Between Friends That Are Over It

Jessica says:LOL men make me sick this is why I am so done! if you aint trying to fuck then holla a t your girl lata sucka
Ashlee says:lol
Jessica says:I am an ass!!!! If it aint some old shit they tryin to hit like I am dumb and I dont know no better.I am too damn calculating for these fuckin games. shit lets just get to the mothafucking point I dont feel like playin
Ashlee says:are u bloggin that
Jessica says:no heifer I am talking to you. I am so tired of niggas playin games they better watch out because all this earth needs is about 1000 men and that is just for sperm and we can keep the gay ones. Cause we can do everything eles ourselves. I would be scared if I was a man and women start to smarten up.
Ashlee says:thats a good point
Ashlee says:scare the shit out of men
Jessica says:Ugh, I am just annoied then when I state the obvious I am a bitch because I am too damn mean, shit you said the bitch was whack that is why you are fuckin me, or that bitch looks like a troll but your asss will be seen with her in public what how dose that sound anywhere near right. But when Jessica says well boo that shit dont sound right, look right, or smell right but I am suppose to rock with
Jessica says:cause you told me too, oh I must look dumb if you think your bullshit is goin to rock. this shit is just messy they are all messy, thats why they shit get fucked up and then when bitches hurt they feelings I am suppose to clean up they shit. I am so fucking done with all of them I aint fucking with girls but I am done with niggas back to the old no respect having cold calculating Jessica. Niggas
Ashlee says:ok u need to calm down
Ashlee says:they are all worng for u
Ashlee says:hence u are beign spared
Ashlee says: in some way
Ashlee says:but i get ur anger
Jessica says:Didnt ask me to rock with dumb shit when I acted like that. Because they knew that I knew that they didnt have the brains God gave they ass.
Ashlee says:its true its a bituvh ur a bitch for speaiking the truth
Ashlee says:its the double standard
Jessica says:like elliot would say "damn J you aint have to say it like that" Why me why do the dummies always like me, is there repelent for this shit. Bottle would read: Keep away broke, no job having, momma's babies, who cant hink on their own, annoying, smelly, ugly, uneducated, clingy, lying, women beating, cry baby, non-apolgetic, soft, non-sex having men (good for anything eles we left out)
Jessica says:money back garunteed!!!!
Ashlee says:damn
Jessica says:Nasty!?
Ashlee says:yea
Ashlee says:but true
Ashlee says:and if tis tiude
Ashlee says:true
Ashlee says:it need to be said
Ashlee says:u got the gutas to say it
Jessica says:I always have the guts you know I never hold my tounge
Ashlee says:i know"
Jessica says:Thats why I am a bitch
Jessica says:or better yet a stuck up ho
Ashlee says:nahhh
Ashlee says:ppl cant handle the truth
Jessica says:LOL
Jessica says:I dont ask questions that I dont want to know the anwsers to, I always want the truth. I always say the truth might make me cry but a lie makes me violent
Ashlee says:nice ananlogy
Ashlee says:ur ona roll tonite


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