Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lesson1: In The Beginning There Was Me
So in 23 years (yes fresh 23) I have learned many things and I think that I have become good at reading people. I know that I can be very calculating and I almost never act on the cruel things that I think because well I can be too damn nice sometimes. I get very annoyed at inconsiderate people, and selfish people. I know that in my quest to try to include everyone I am a giving person and I cant stand when people don't act the same way. I am a believer in DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT DO UNTO YOU. I know that I am spoiled mostly of my parents doing but now it all me, but I know that I am very giving. I hate when I finally decide to put my foot down I am a bitch or I am mean, why because my mood does not fit into to someone's daily plan.I speak my mind and 89% of the time I hold no prisoners when speaking. I have no problem telling a close friend that they are behaving like a ditty bitch. (yes I said ditty it is the same as dumb) I have no problem saying that I know that I look better Than someone else. (friends excluded)Lets face it I know a troll when I see one and they seem to be in season this days (you know like when light skin guys were in well pretty girls that are shaped like video hoes are out of season) I have no problem pointing them out too. Don't get me wrong I am not a hater if someone is nice looking, beautiful, has on nice shoes, or a pretty skirt I say so because you cant always point out the bad. I know the say beauty is only skin deep but some people have nasty insides too. UGLY+BAD ATTITUDE=WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR DAMN PROBLEM!My friend says that I should not say ugly I should say unfortunate looking I think that that is too many damn words , UGLY.But I digress. I know that I am opinionated and like I said before very outspoken, I try to get people to understand that I am usually right, somewhere in what I am saying there is some type of truth. I know that I can over think things to the point of no return. I will over analyze a situation think how I can fix the situation or what I could or should do. I am in no way a perfetionist but I cant stand for things to be out of order, I am not confrontational but can be argumentative because people sometimes push me that far. I am used getting what I want without asking I know that I am charming and get what I want without much effort. MORAL OF THE STORY IS Jessica J GETS WHAT Jessicia J WANTS. ( I always do some way or another) I know that somethings I have to wait for, but that is what makes me calculating because I will lay in wait until I think it is the right time to swoop down and take controls and when I am done I toss whatever it is to the side like and old Christmas toy be it an idea, a person, ect. ( we will talk about that later maybe lesson 2 or 3)


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